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Maddocks Collection Services is a contingency collection agency – if we don’t collect, you don’t pay.  We do not charge any up-front fees and there are no hidden or additional costs.

Account strategies are customized to address each client’s unique needs. A dedicated account representative works with you to establish a successful collection program.

Dedicated Account Representatives

Each client has a dedicated account representative who handles every aspect of their collection needs.  Maddocks’ dedicated debt collector team monitors all collection efforts on your behalf and provides you with consistent, professional, and courteous service.

Accounts Serviced within 24-hours of Receipt

We make it as easy as possible to expedite collection activities. Clients simply submit their delinquent accounts via fax or electronically. Our first collection letters are in the mail within 24 hours of receipt.

Collection Letters / Mailings

Maddocks mails a series of letters that increase with intensity, thus leveraging your debtors into a paying mode.

Professionally Trained Collectors

Maddocks’ professionally trained debt collector staff recognizes there are different situational factors that each debtor presents and tailors the phone interaction accordingly to mitigate the loss of the client/debtor relationship.

Personal Phone Contact

While your office staff finishes its day at normal business hours, Maddocks’ debt collectors continue to make calls into the evening and on weekends thereby reaching more debtors on the phone.

Debtor Location - Skip Tracing

When a debtor moves, their mail is forwarded for only a short period of time. When the forwarding order expires, Maddocks uses state-of-the-art skip tracing capabilities to locate them and collect what is owed to you.

Credit Bureau Reporting

Maddocks reports to the National Credit Bureaus, such as Trans Union.  Placing a derogatory or negative comment on a credit report is a powerful collection tool. With credit scores increasingly becoming an important factor in daily life, maintaining a high credit score is a strong incentive for debtors to pay their outstanding balances.

Monthly Status and Analytical Reporting

Maddocks’ clients are provided access to account status information on a regular basis. We  have the ability to provide customized collection reports and analytical information to help improve collection results. 

Legal Representation in all 50 States

On high balance accounts Maddocks facilitates negotiations between collection attorneys and our clients and we provide consultation to determine whether further legal action on an account is both advisable and necessary.

Insurance and Claims Follow-up

Our team has extensive knowledge in medical billing and insurance claims and follow up that enhances the ability to resolve debtor issues and results in higher collection rates.

A debt collector on the phone
  • Dedicated Account Representatives
  • Accounts Serviced within 24-hours of Receipt
  • Professionally Trained Collectors
  • Personal Phone Contact
  • Debtor Location - Skip Tracing

  • Credit Bureau Reporting
  • Monthly Status and Analytical Reporting
  • Legal Representation in all 50 States
  • Insurance and Claims Follow-up
  • Online Payments
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